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Saint Rebel - Saint Rebel (2014)

Year : 2014
Style : Hard Rock
Country : Denmark
Audio : 320 kbps + front + Video
Size : 117 mb


The members from SAINT REBEL are not unaccustomed on the hard rock scene in Denmark. Under the former name KoLeN’ the band has participated in various band battles and amongst other things reached to the Emergenza finals, won the MTV / Nordic Unsigned in Denmark and got the Audience Award at the Melody Maker Contest in 2007 with 10.000 DKK in cash price for a recording. In 2009 KoLeN’ changed their name to the more idiomatic SAINT REBEL.


The Copenhagen based hard-rockers in SAINT REBEL are ready with their second album. The self-titled album “Saint Rebel” will be the sequel to SAINT REBEL’s very well received debut album “The Battle of Sinners and Saints” from 2012 – An album which was nominated for the prestigious “Gaffa Awards” in the category “Best Danish hard rock release”, as the only debut album nominee. The album received airplay on radio stations worldwide and peaked at #28 on the U.S. iTunes Metal Chart Top 100!Something that not many Danish rock bands have pulled off. After that the band used a lot of hours on the road in Scandinavia before they hopped on a plane to New York to fulfill a lifetime childhood dream of going on tour in the US. The band is now ready for a new ring fight … and they are on fire like never before. The past year SAINT REBEL spent on writing and recording their new album. “Saint Rebel” has seen the light of day with help from SAINT REBEL’s fantastic producer Marcus “Dolken” Toft (DAD, Carpark North), while mix is done by Tue Madsen (Mnemic, Hatesphere) and mastering by Nikolaj Vinten (Dizzy Mizz Lizzy). The recordings sessions lasted from December 2013 to May 2014, a long and hard process with no compromises. The result of the hard work is a really sleek, solid, heavy and uncompromising hard rock album that spits out crunchy guitar riffs and heavy beats. One of those albums a band can only can hope to make. World please be seated and enjoy the company of SAINT REBEL. “Saint Rebel” will be released by Mighty Music in Denmark September 29th 2014 and in rest of the World December 1st 2014.


Jonas Kaas (vocals)
Lasse Hansen (bass)
Jesper Riis (drums)
Martin Højfeldt (guitar)
Allan Blumensen (guitar)


1. My Patient
2. Feeling Good INC.
3. Now You Know
4. Could_Our_Kills_Endure
5. Mr. Knife
6. One and the Same
7. I Give It Up
8. The New Guy
9. Leave a Scar
10. Desperate Meassures
11. Red Zone
12. Never

+ Video "Now You Know" (Official music video 2014)

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