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Založen: 16.9.2017 
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PříspěvekPředmět: Montrose - Montrose (Deluxe edition) - [1973] (2017)...
ZaslalZaslal: 17 říjen 2017, 18:33

Montrose - Montrose (Deluxe edition) - [1973] (2017) FLAC 96kHz/24bit
Label: Rhino, Warner Bros
Country: USA
Genre: Hard Rock,Heavy Metal
Quality: FLAC (*tracks)
Bitrate: Lossless [96kHz/24bit]
Time: 01:41:19
Full Size: 2.11 GB

The '70s gave us a slew of classic hard rock albums and though it hasn't had the lasting influence of, say, Boston's or Aerosmith's first albums, Montrose's eponymous debut proved equally influential and important in its day. Released in 1973, the record also introduced a young Sammy Hagar and his powerful vocals to the world, but the explosive aggression of Ronnie Montrose's biting guitar left no doubt as to why it was his name gracing the cover. A rock-solid rhythm section featuring drummer Denny Carmassi and bassist Bill Church certainly didn't hurt either, and unstoppable anthems such as "Rock the Nation" and their rowdy take on the jump blues chesnut "Good Rockin' Tonight" would lay the ground rules for an entire generation of late-'70s California bands, most notably Van Halen. The simple production techniques of Ted Templeman, who went on to work extensively with Van Halen, really lets the players shine and no amount of time can dim the sheer euphoria of "Bad Motor Scooter," the adolescent nastiness of "Rock Candy," and the simply gargantuan main riff of the phenomenal "Space Station #5." Montrose is a blast from start to finish and remains an essential addition to any collection of '70s hard rock and early heavy metal.
Rhino reissued the album in 2017 with remastered sound, liner notes and a bonus disc made up of demos and a live radio recording made before the band even had a name. It was taped in April of 1973 for radio station KSAN when the group were last minute fill-ins for Van Morrison. They rip through a ten song set of originals and covers, with Ronnie Montrose sounding like a beast on guitar. Also on the disc are six demos cut in 1973, with a speeded up early version of "Rock Candy" and one song, "Shoot Us Down," that didn't make the final cut. These extras help make a classic album even more of one.

Disc 1

1. Rock The Nation (Remastered)
2. Bad Motor Scooter (Remastered)
3. Space Station #5 (Remastered)
4. I Don't Want It (Remastered)
5. Good Rockin' Tonight (Remastered)
6. Rock Candy (Remastered)
7. One Thing On My Mind (Remastered)
8. Make It Last (Remastered)

Disc 2 Bonus Tracks
01. One Thing On My Mind (Demo)
02. Shoot Us Down (Demo)
03. Rock Candy (Demo)
04. Good Rockin' Tonight (Demo)
05. I Don't Want It (Demo)
06. Make It Last (Demo)

KSAN Radio Session Record Plant, Sausalito, CA 1973-04-21
07. Intro
08. Good Rockin' Tonight
09. Rock Candy
10. Bad Motor Scooter
11. Shoot Us Down
12. One Thing On My Mind
13. Rock The Nation
14. Make It Last
15. You'Re Out Of Time
16. Roll Over Beethoven
17. I Don't Want It

Sammy Hagar - lead vocals
Ronnie Montrose - guitar
Bill Church - bass guitar
Denny Carmassi - drums



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