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PříspěvekPředmět: Mike Albright
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Mike Albright - Sonic Empire (2014)

Year : 2014
Style : Hard Rock , Melodic Rock
Country : United States
Audio : 320 kbps + front
Size : 157 mb


Mike Albright is a solo guitarist from SE Pennsylvania. His debut CD, "When Lightning Strikes", was released by Statue Record Group LA in November 2005 for retail sale. Standout tunes on the debut album are "Aces & Eights", "Under The Gun", and "Dead Bang". Mike played all instruments on the CD, which is a rarity in the recording field. His music is all instrumental, hard rock/metal, in the vein of Joe Satriani.Mike has his own style and sound, and it has a bit of a harder edge to it. Mikes follow up CD, "Eclipse",was released in early 2010 by Avenger records. The album is a bit harder rocking that "Lightning", yet more progressive. Notable tracks are "South Side Groove", "Black Sun", and "Dragon Dance". Mike is back in the studio, hard at work on his next album, "Sonic Empire". This will be an album that will consist of new and older, previously unreleased material, Some songs will feature vocals, a first for Mike in the studio. ""Empire" is going to be my best yet", Mike says. "I have finally achieved the sounds I have worked tirelessly for years to attain. This album will have a lot of different tones and feeling to it, and will reflect a life long love affair with this genre of hard rock. I want to showcase this new sound, and blend it with some older tracks that have been waiting to be finished for years."There is a tentative release date set for the new CD of September 2014, which will be under the Avenger Records label. Recording of the final few songs and mixing/mastering of "Sonic Empire" is happening at Mike's studio, Barking Dog Studio.


SONIC EMPIRE is a 4 year project that has finally come to fruition. Mike has dropped the all instrumental thing, and this offering is a genre crossing, yet heavy hitting album. The blistering, yet tasteful guitar work in this record is simply sublime. Mike goes from straight up hard rock, like in "Never Surrender", to the wicked sounding "Over The Edge", then takes it into a totally different feeling with the emotion drenched "In The Middle Of The Night". "Back In My Arms Again" is another heartfelt song, as is the all acoustic instrumental "Jaded Hearts", with it's very mystifying sounds. The CD is right back to Albright's heavy metal roots with the headbanging, drop tuned "Mercenary". The album has some tasteful, moody keyboards sprinkled throughout as well. The most interesting fact, as with all of Mike's work is that Mike not only wrote, recorded most instruments, and mixed/mastered the entire album by himself, he also produced the entire project as well. Every track shows the heart and soul of a guitar virtuoso who's soul defining purpose is the sheer love of playing. Every note pours out pure emotion.


Mike Albright - vocals , guitars


1. Never Surrender
2. Back In My Arms Again
3. Over The Edge
4. Walking On Fire
5. Push It To The Limit
6. Heartbeat
7. The Last Stand
8. In The Middle Of The Night
9. Solitude
10. Frozen Flame
11. Jaded Hearts
12. Mercenary
13. Sinister Sid
14. Unleashed Blues Jam
15. Playing The Game
16. Sonic Empire

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